The founding partners, Roberto Lodo and Maurizio Longo, enter in the world of the spray paints – then at the beginning – around the mid-’70s. They soon set up a company, they develop various and wide experiences in the sector, living the continuous growth, but also the important changes at technical and business level, which characterizes the development.


In the second half of 1990s, they decide to give life to ROLMA, with the aim of interpreting the needs of a market which, even if it is characterized by a big quantity of offers, certainly requires concrete and professional answers.

ROLMA is structured to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers, with a continuous research of the high performances of the products, the use of raw materials oriented to the respect for the environment and for the safety regulations, a complete range for every professional needs and hobby and a business service aimed at the full satisfaction of the customer.


The answer of the market is gratifying for the company, which earns an ever-increasing success and, for this reason, it is obliged to persevere on the route taken, making new investments on the logistics, equipments and research.

The purpose declared towards the customers is not to be a simple supplier, but attentive and sensible partners to their problems, in the interests of a common growth.