Before spraying it is necessary to shake the can for about 1 minute, better if upside down, to mix all the components. Before painting it is recommended to perform 1 test spray to check the uniformity of the colour. The spray should always start and finish beyond the edges of the substrate to be painted, to avoid accumulations of paint and consequent dripping. Work always with light and crossed coats, placing the finger on the diffuser as shown in the picture. At the end or in case of suspending the application, it is important to bleed the valve by turning the can upside down and spraying for a few seconds. The can is then ready to be used again.


This useful accessory can be easily added and is suitable for all types of aerosol cans. Practical and robust, it’s designed to allow a long-lasting use.
By using Magnum the effort on the finger activating the spray is minimized, thus achieving greater comfort while working and a more precise application of the product.

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